To the amateur or professional, serious about becoming a better magician…

If you want to get better, do something about it.

Even if you never intend to work as a professional, you can still train like one.

More than just moves and tricks; these are progressive lessons on the Art of Magic.

Expert Opinions

Micheal Vincent Promo PicMichael Vincent

As seen on Penn and Teller: Fool Us "...What sets [Tyler] apart as an outstanding coach is his wide range of skills in magic, sleight of hand, methodology, construction and design of great magic. I was  very impressed..."

Jeff McBride Promo PicJeff McBride

Creator of the Magic and Mystery School "Rarely do I meet a magic teacher with the technical skills that Tyler possess. His comprehensive knowledge of the history of magic and his ability to perform and teach are astonishing."

Garrett Thomas Promo PicGarrett Thomas

Consultant for David Blaine, Creator: The Ring Thing, Banded, Stand Up Monte, Imagination Coins "I have turned to Tyler over and over; he has been a dependable source of information and inspiration."

Eugene Burger Promo PicEugene Burger

World Famous Magician/Teacher, author of "Mastering the Art of Magic": "Tyler Erickson is a quite exceptional magician and a gifted teacher. One would be very fortunate to study with him."

Kainoa Harbottle Promo PicKainoa Harbottle

World Famous Coin Magician "Tyler's thinking demonstrates the genius required to structure and simplify learning in a world that requires more and more personalized education. We all need his help to make magic an art form that garners the attention..."

John BornJohn B. Born

Author of Seeking the Bridge, Cheating at Texas Hold Em

"A truly insightful thinker and brilliant technician. I can’t say enough about Tyler Erickson."

Customer Satisfaction

Justin FlomJustin Flom

“I owe much of my magical thinking and theory to Tyler. His magic is not only devastatingly good, but logical and direct.”

NiNick Diffatte Promo Picck Diffatte

"Tyler's coaching over the last 10 years has been the most important investment I have ever made in my performing career."

Nicholas Arnst

"I consider Tyler to be right up there with magic's greatest. Not only as a magician, but as a teacher, his skills are unsurpassable."