Tyler's magic is impeccable. His teaching is clear, concise, and completely practical. A pleasure to work with. He can help take your magic to the next level no matter what level you're at now.

Christian Fitzharris (Head Clown, Cirque Du Soleil’s Kooza)

I owe much of my magical thinking and theory to Tyler. His magic is not only devastatingly good, but logical and direct. His teaching is no different. Not only has he consulted on my magic, but before that he helped lay the foundation of sleight of hand for me. Learn from Tyler and you’ll be learning from the best.

Justin Flom (Professional Magician/Internet Sensation)

Just finished a Skype class with Tyler Erickson.  He didn't ask me to review it or write anything up but I have to tell you about it.


Top class. What started off as a call regarding a simple chop cup routine, ended in amazingly imaginative, innovative and thought provoking ideas that I can use in the real world, are unique to me, and are strong enough to be reputation makers.


One idea, involves a camera in a pickpocket routine and it’s  f@?*ing brilliant. I'll be using it straight away and it has a very very high chance of bringing me repeat bookings. How many magic purchases have you made that you've said that about? 

That latest trick brought out by whatever A-list magician you were thinking of buying, is not as good as this. That trick isn't even close to what Tyler can offer. That trick or routine you've been working on, or thinking of, will be better after talking with Tyler. Contact him. End review.

PS: Skype call tip. If you do the call sitting at a desk you don't have to wear trousers.


Brian Daly (Professional Pickpocket Magician, Ireland)

Tyler Erickson has been my single best source for learning and applying theory and technique to the art of magic.  Both my thinking and my magic have improved ten-fold since working with Tyler.  I highly recommend him to ANY magician.

David Harris (Corporate Comedy Magician)

I consider Tyler to be right up there with magic's greatest. Not only as a magician, but as a teacher, his skills are unsurpassable. He makes the journey of becoming a magician, fun, creative and, at times, challenging. Highly recommended!

Nicholas Arnst (As seen on Belgium’s got Talent)

Tyler Erickson is a genius. I thought I knew a couple of smart persons (both in- and outside magic), but I have never met anybody who thinks as deeply and as analytically about his area of expertise and, on top of that, brings it all into practice. It seems there is hardly a technique or effect that Tyler hasn’t done some work on – and the results are tell-free, super-clean, mind boggling pieces of magic. Tyler is an excellent teacher, not just of his own magic (in fact, he prefers not to teach too much of that), but of the best magic you can do. Tyler should be famous. You can now become his student before everybody wants to.

Tilman Grünewald (Netherlands, Speaker at TEDx)

Tyler is one of the best magicians and teachers I have ever met. He has helped me with my technique and how I construct my magic; but best of all teaching me to develop my magic eye and my understanding of magic as an art form and not just a simple way to entertain.

Kalle Moen (Norwegian Champion of Magic)

Tyler's coaching over the last 10 years has been the most important investment I have ever made in my performing career. As a full time working professional himself, Tyler knows how train people in all aspects of what it takes to perform truly strong magic. Your scripting, sleight of hand, and show development skills will sky rocket immediately.

Nick Diffatte (Best Selling Creator/As seen on the Las Vegas Strip)

Tyler Erickson has done what few people in the world have done. He's perfected his craft... and I don't mean as just a magician. Yes, he can do the sickest 'pass' I've ever seen in my life but lucky for us in the magic community he has also perfected the art of teaching sleight-of-hand as a craft. There are many books that will teach you 'moves' and there are great books on theory, but very few have taken the time to develop a method of training that is actually effective. Tyler will teach you: 'What', 'When', and 'How', but more importantly he'll teach you: 'Why'. Tyler's mentorship helped me win numerous international magic competitions and become a member of F.F.F.F. by the age of 18. I just wish he lived in LA so I could keep taking classes. Hands down, Tyler Erickson is the finest teacher of magic I have ever come across.

Nicholas Anthony (Award Winning Magician, Comedian)

A number of years ago a good friend and extremely successful corporate and tradeshow performer, mentioned he had some of his material looked at and gone over by a young fellow (Tyler Erickson) with a keen eye for detail.

Now being that a huge majority of my stage time had been spent on the STREET performing all over the world in festivals as well as street corners and intersections, I never dreamt Tyler would be able to help me build a new show that fit the street performers (Buskers) lifestyle. However, I was mistaken, Tyler helped create a show that I have been successfully performing on the streets for over four years.  His valuable knowledge of the art and his creativity propelled my show to a higher level and yes it makes money! Do yourself a favor; get to know Tyler; you won't be disappointed.

Nick Sharpe (aka Dr. Street, Professional Busker)

I would strongly recommend Tyler Erickson as a magic instructor for anyone wishing to improve their magic at any level.  He is excellent with both beginners and experts, and always has insights to make your magic fresh and unique.  He has helped me develop several different shows over the last few years with great success.  Every show and script he has been consulted upon has improved DRAMATICALLY with his spot on editing and brilliant dramatic timing.  The shows he creates are completely customized to the personality and strengths of the individual performer.  Literally no one else can now do my routines!   He has even been instrumental in scripting my motivational speaking career, which contains no magic what so ever.  I consider the ongoing training I receive with Tyler Erickson to be a major part of the success I have as a full-time professional entertainer.

Amye Scharlau (Magician, Hypnotist, Motivational Speaker)

I had taken the Chavez Course in manipulation from the late Neil Foster and was used to the very best in teachers. Not only does Tyler really know his stuff, but also he is patient and encouraging. He will really make you think about performing in a logical way for maximum effect and audience appreciation.

Theodore Preston Svea

Tyler Erickson is not only one of the most talented people I have ever met, but he is also a consummate perfectionist. With his vast array of knowledge and education…I trust Tyler to be my personal consultant.  I recommend his classes without reservation.

Max Krause (Inventor of the iPhone app: Mental Killer)

It was extremely helpful to receive Tyler’s help and feedback. He is one of the best magic thinkers I know. Everything he does is based on years of experience in the real world.

Chuck Hickok (Best Selling Author: Mentalism Inc. Vol. 1&2)

Tyler is an amazing instructor. I had been performing professionally for years before I took lessons from him. The magic was fun to learn, but more importantly for me, were the performance tips I received on how to direct and focus the attention of an audience. Years later, I still use what I learned in juggling and knife throwing performances. The skills you will learn from Tyler go way beyond magic. The skills you learn will influence your performances for decades to come.

Mick Lunzer (World Champion Juggler, Keynote Speaker)

When it comes to the performance of magic, I owe all of my critical thinking and presentation skills directly to Tyler. His passion for developing each of his students into the most competent, well-rounded performer is unwavering.

Brian Alexander (aka Piz Por the Magician)

Tyler is awesome! I highly recommend him. Not only for someone just starting out, but even for a seasoned pro who wants to hone their technical and presentation skills.

Chris Chickering (Health Expo and Tradeshow Magician)

Where do I begin with a testimonial about greatest influence on both my artistic passion and my current full time career?  How about at the beginning.

I met Tyler when I was 18 years old, at a magic shop.  I started training under Tyler about 1 year later, and I've been learning from him from that day on...learning anything and everything--growing as a magician, as a performer, and as a person.

As much as I would love to write a promotional-style testimonial about how much you'll learn and how great of a value you get for taking lessons from Tyler, I'll just leave it at this:  My name is Patrick Umphrey and thanks to Tyler, I'm now a working professional.

To a phenomenal teacher, an ethical and genuine person, and my wonderful friend, thank you so much Tyler.

Patrick Umphrey (Corporate Magician)

In terms of resources for learning magic, there are books, magazines, lecture notes, pamphlets, videos, DVDs, audiobooks, discussion forums, blogs, e-zines, e-books, video-chats, lectures, late-night sessions, classes, conventions... If you were to take the best that each of these formats has to offer and lump them together into a single resource, you'd still have something that wasn't as good as simply taking lessons from Tyler Erickson. There's no doubt in my mind that Tyler is the single finest teacher of magic around today.

Andrew Musgrave (Author of Ye Olde Magick Blogge)

My name is SeokJoo Kwak and I am from South Korea. Learning magic from Tyler was one of the greatest things that happen to me. Of course Tyler teaches strong and effective sleights and theories that give strong and magical experiences to people. Furthermore, he has taught me things that you cannot learn from magic videos and DVDs. Here are few out of many.

It was wonderful to learn about business negotiation techniques from him. He taught me how to become valuable and look professional when approaching people and businesses. This helped me shift from amateur to professional magician, despite my young age and also a bit of a language barrier.

If I ask him about very specific or general situations that I encounter, he has and knows good solutions to deal with them. One of the things was dealing with difficult people in my performance. I thought I would need to come up with witty or clever lines to deal with them. Since English is my second language, this was a challenge. However, he has taught me polite and effective ways to deal with them. Except for very few occasions, I did not have any problems if I encounter similar situation.

Also, he helped me a lot in achieving goals. One of my goals was to find my own material and become myself, not a copy of someone else. He spent time and analyzed what I could do to make that happen.

He is very smart, modest, and wise. Also he is unbelievably skillful. With no exaggeration, He is the best.

SeokJoo Kwak

Tyler teaches magic, not tricks. From moves and mechanics to mental and verbal scripting; from creating proper direction of spectator attention to getting to the most impressive climax, Tyler’s teaching is about the essence of good performance.  I’ve had the good fortune to be mentored by him, take private classes from him, and share long lunches discussing the relationship between magic and my profession as judo instructor.

Tom Crone (Author: Misdirection for Close-Up Magicians)

Tyler has helped me dramatically with the psychology of my magic show; making the secrets unnoticeable and the presentation more dynamic. His instruction has helped me reach the next level in professionalism and financial return.

Tom Kruger (Comedy Magician and Hypnotist)

I have trained with Tyler for several years, and he has always been able to help me find exactly the kind of magic I want to perform, and teach it to me in a way that I can truly understand "why" it works. His ability to customize effects to my needs is remarkable. As a doctor, I deal with many people, and magic is a perfect way to enhance those simple interactions. As a public speaker, magic has served me well in grabbing and maintaining people's attention; I often use it to emphasis a  critical  point. Thank you Tyler, for putting me on the "fast track" to excellence!

Tory Robson (Professional Speaker, Winner’s Edge)

Tyler is a great magician. Far and away, one of the best sleight of hand artists I have ever seen. Highly recommended.

David Walbridge (Magician and Juggler: The Big Fun Show)

Tyler's magic is superb: deeply considered from all angles, and executed at a high level of precision. His work always (always!) fools me badly. As a teacher, he is a very clear communicator, understanding both the obstacles facing the student, and what is to be accomplished. He is easy to learn from, and great to interact with.

Gerald Martin

Magic as a performing art takes dedication, perseverance, and, above all, a fundamental understanding across topics as broad as psychology, sociology, and even the theatre. One can spend many years mastering the technical dexterous skill many believe all is necessary in creating real life miracles, but to take those hard-earned skills and to understand the near impossible feat of turning them into a relatable story, a shareable experience, will never be learned by the casual hobbyist within the world of magic.

With that being said, Tyler has discovered a method of transcending this impossibility, and teaches this secret to his pupils. From the beginning of a lesson, to the experts coming in with years of experience, Tyler demonstrates his thorough understanding of each student's needs and caters to developing their goals and ambitions.

While many teachers in the world of performance merely create clones of themselves when teaching a class, Tyler encourages originality, spontaneity, and naturalness. He knows what makes magic magical and he knows not every student is the same.

And the beauty lies not in Tyler's technical and ideological understanding of both magic and teaching, but his ability to convey these teachings both in person and through electronic means. Tyler's school is not bound to the shortcomings of in-person lessons. His skill in teaching expands through the internet and has touched numerous countries across the world. Just another accomplishment not many can claim that Tyler has the right to put on his impressive resume.

Tyler Erickson understands magic. Tyler Erickson will understand your needs. Tyler Erickson is a golden standard among not only teaching, but within the inventive world of novel critical thinking.

Benjamin Domask (Juggler and Magician)

Tyler has a keen sense of how to work out routines to flow smoothly and naturally, for both the spectator viewing and also the performer’s handling.

It is VERY helpful to be able to tap into his knowledge of various moves, sequences and methods to create routines with maximum impact and minimal effort.

Brad “MagicBrad” Gudim (Tradeshow Magician)

When I started my sessions with Tyler, I stopped buying all sorts of DVDs and gimmicks that came out on the market. They would just add another trick to the bunch I already knew. Tyler made me reevaluate my magic. He guides you in modifying and even creating effects as to make every trick you do authentic; reflecting your character, passions and interests. I vaguely know what I would like my magic to represent and Tyler has the skills and knowledge to help me make my vision reality. Tyler's sessions are without a doubt the best investments I have ever made for my magic.

Elliot Van Cayzeele (Belgium)

I loved lessons with Tyler. His approach to teaching fundamentals made a HUGE difference with my skills as a magician. Before lessons with him people would give me cute chuckles when i performed a trick. After my lessons with him I would get looks of amazement with people i performed for. They noticed a considerable improvement and would say things like "That's amazing " or "how did you do that? Do it again". Lessons with Tyler were totally worth it! Thanks Tyler!

Brent Eggert (aka Vic Volare)

I wrote a number of years ago that Tyler Erickson was one of the finest Magicians I have had the pleasure of encountering. Having met many world class magicians since I can safely stand by my statement and view of Tyler with complete confidence and without hesitation.

Many years ago Tyler eased me into the world of card magic and then, far beyond. Not merely teaching me principles of magic but more importantly the proper application of these principles. There is a reason and purpose for Tyler's approach to the performance of magic and the methods used to achieve what is truly the desired effect.

I had also written before that teaching, in any area, is more than knowledge or ability in or of a subject. Tyler has both, and because of this gift he has a very effective way of bringing a comfort level and confidence to students no matter what level of ability they may have. I say this having coached world, national and state place winners in the sport of wrestling, and having been a national competitor myself, feel I have an understanding of what it takes to reach new levels. Tyler is that person that can get you to the next level. And again, he can get you there comfortably, confidently and properly.

I have had the honor and opportunity to perform at some extraordinary and amazing events. Tyler's teaching is a major reason for my not only having the confidence to do these events but ultimately being asked back to perform again.

I also feel I need to add that it was not just Tyler's teaching in the form of classes that has helped me to have these opportunities and experiences, but also the many talks we have had. Talks that were not only about the performance of magic but also of people and the great care and handling of them.

This for me is the most important part of creating a relaxing and enchanting experience and is why I have tremendous respect and confidence in the instruction, knowledge and wisdom that Tyler has imparted not only on and to me but many others here and around the world.


Bob Dahline

Special thanks, Tyler, for the patient way you taught this grandmother magical effects with ropes, utensils, matches & straws. I wanted to learn magic tricks that didn't involve playing cards. I was eager to learn in spite of apprehension for my "age" but you were kind and methodical which put me at ease. A special bonus was watching you perform the illusions turned around so my brain didn't have to reverse the moves as I tried them. You have a tremendous talent for teaching magic AND performing magic. Thanks for sharing both with me!

Cheryl Sawyer (Storyteller Magician)

I met Tyler on what was the biggest online magic community in 2007 when I was only 18 years old, and barely speaking English. I directly understood that he was very serious about the Art of Magic because he spent hours, and hundreds of messages trying to enlighten beginners, intermediate and advanced conjurers. I then discovered that he was, as well as a performer, a teacher. I directly messaged him, and I was pleased to see that the "language barrier" wouldn't be an issue. After 5 years of training, one of my dream became reality, I'm now myself a professional magician, and teacher. I've met countless legends and experts coming from around the world, and I'm proud to say that Tyler is in a league of his own. Whatever the field of our Art you're looking for, everyone I know and met would agree that it's fair to say Tyler is an authority on it. I cannot recommend him enough.

Marc Langham (Paris, France)

I have been doing professional entertainment full time as a magician for about a year in a half now and I still take take Tyler's classes!

Tyler is one of the best teachers I know! What Tyler can teach you, you cannot find in any magic DVD. If you want to go pro or just be a hobbyist or just want to learn some great stuff for your peers, this is your guy! Trust me, you will not be disappointed. He knows everything there is to know about entertaining magic. so if you don't want to piss your money away, call Tyler. I know I did!

Justin Tocko

I started taking private magic lessons from Tyler about 10 years ago (at the age of 11), switching to the group classes when they were offered. I started performing professionally part-time about 7 years ago, magic becoming my source of income during high school and college. Tyler's teaching gave my magic a sense of direction, teaching the techniques, construction, presentation and theory behind creating deceptive, memorable magic. I am lucky to have met him so early in my career; it would have taken me years longer to reach the same level on my own. Tyler gives truthful critiques and practical, doable advice to help you expand as a performer, stressing your personal connection to the magic. I was struggling with confidence in my delivery and Tyler helped me put together a monologue (personal story) as an interlude between effects in a performance. I was nervous to go through with it but it turned out great. I believe I grew as a performer and person. I would recommend Tyler to anyone serious about creating truly deceptive and unique, personal performances.

Aaron Cohen

Tyler has profoundly influenced the way I approach magic, making any effect I choose to perform 10X stronger.The thing about many mentors is that the students end up like mini copies of the master. Not so with Tyler. He goes beyond the immediate techniques and effects (although his teachings in this field is the best I've ever encountered) and shows you the underlying principles of magic. This is so frikkin´powerful, because it allows you to set yourself apart from every other magician doing the same tricks and the same, generic presentations and create your own personal pieces that are so much more real and a billion times more powerful.

Daniel Tegnander (2nd Place, Norwegian Junior Championship)

I have never met someone with so much knowledge of both the mechanics of magic, and the theory of magic. From Magic to Mentalism the few classes I have spent with him already have made me, not only into a better performer, but also more comfortable in knowing how to approach people who may not know why I am there. He is the first person I truly consider a mentor, in both the fact that the focus is on me (rather than how great he is), and how easy it is to talk to him without shaking in fear of being ridiculed.

If you have ever wondered who you should learn from, THIS IS THE MAN TO DO IT FROM! You don't want to lose out on what he can do for you. I look forward to continuing to pick up all the knowledge and fun I can from Tyler.

David Gamut

Tyler's brand of teaching had me finding the answers. It helped me gain the confidence and skill to perform in the real world!!! Anyone that wants to improve their magic or that is just starting out will your not be let down!!!

Jeremy Macintosh

When I met Tyler I was in the process of making a "springboard" career change.  Although I was use to public speaking and the elements necessary to create great presentations I had absolutely no knowledge of how to combine magical effects and routines into a cohesive content driven magic show. Tyler was very patient with me as we fleshed out the objectives I had as a performer and how to best accomplish those objectives. His mastery of routine and show structure helped me to develop the framework I am still using today.

Robert Halbrook

I started learning magic at the age of 5.  I've learned from various sources, videos, books, store bought tricks, and other magicians.  I've felt that I've done pretty well on my own, but I was interested in what Tyler could teach me.  Tyler has helped me take what I already know to the next level.  He's taught me how to motivate my actions, better moves for the effects that I'm using, better theory that not only makes the trick stronger, but helps it flow better.

I can't recommend Tyler enough. If you're a beginner, he'll start you at the basics. Also if you're a beginner, with Tyler's instruction, you'll skip most of the "junk" and start learning the stuff you really need right away. If you're a seasoned pro, Tyler will help take what you're already doing and make it stronger.  Either way, you can't lose with Tyler's classes and instruction.

Justin Alan

Tyler's style of teaching gives students a no BS way of learning truly deceptive magic. Whether just starting out or a seasoned professional, lessons with Tyler will greatly improve your magic.

William Bradshaw

Tyler Erickson’s technique is elegantly flawless. His understanding of the “audience experience” will sharpen and shape your presentation style. Couple Tyler’s teachings with your own performance personality and you’ll have a winning combination … and a fun future in magic.

“Hondo” Hughes

Tyler has helped me to achieve something I thought I would never do: perform sleight of hand. I am surprised how quickly I learned with his help. Books can teach you how to do things, but having a great teacher like Tyler will put you far ahead of just using a book.

Tyler has helped me develop a character for my show by exaggerating parts of who I am as a person. He helped me fine tune and counsels me on all matters from my lonely business card to my website. He has seen videos of me performing and told me what to tweak and change to the most minor detail.

His ideas on sleight of hand and magic in general are state of the art. He gives reasons why we do it one way rather than another way. He tells you about what is natural and what is not. He makes you think about ways to apply sleight of hand with everyday objects to WOW people. When I perform for other people, I do WOW them.

He takes the time to get to know you and be your friend. If you’re looking for a magic teacher, I feel he is the best there is.


Brent “Mr. Oblivious” Andera

Tyler takes the time to work with you and moves at a pace that works for you. Tyler took what I knew and helped me focus on the slights and performance. One of the advantages of having a teacher in magic is the ability to have someone look at your performance and your slights and help you fix problems or even give you ideas on how to improve your magical knowledge. Tyler does not force you to do it his way, but after you see him do magic you will want to emulate his skill. I have been doing magic for over 20 years and I never stop learning. as a former student I still contact Tyler for ideas and information.

Michael Graves

Tyler is one extraordinary teacher. My skills and knowledge of magic has grown tremendously with his help. He has helped me understand the theory and motivation behind the magic. He does not let me stop at "good enough." He has made sure my sleights and actions are done well enough so that on off days they will still fool. He has taught me the fundamentals of magic which allows me to create my own magic and ideas. With Tyler's help anyone can turn good magic into great magic.

Jonathan Bouthilet

I met Tyler 10 years ago at an IBM meeting. I walked into the magic shop in St. Paul and said. "I want to really learn how to do magic. Not just magic tricks." Mike said, "Then you want to speak with Tyler." The way he said it still brings chills down my spine. He spoke as if I asked the magic question. Man was he right, though. And so I met Tyler. Ten years later and I still believe that was one of the best decisions I've made. Sadly for Mike, I don't think I've bought another trick. Tyler has provided me with all the tools I need to create my own magic. Not only that, but the other skills that packet tricks DON'T teach have aided me in other avenues of life. Working with Tyler has strengthened my people skills, critical thinking skills, and problem solving skills. All skills you need to be a great magician, but also skills you need to be great person. His technical ability is God-like, and the magic he creates is so well designed, that its no wonder spectators are amazed and fooled. They never stood a chance in the first place. What's even better is that he'll teach you how to be the same way.

Nathaniel DePreist

I have known Tyler Erickson for over 15 years. Of all the important lessons I have learned from him, the most important and complex is why we do magic, how to perform magic that fits your persona, and how to set up routines that make you stand out from all other magicians. Not only have I learned more from Tyler than the dozens of DVD's and thousands of dollars I have spent on gimmicks, I have been fortunate enough to meet other people through Tyler's courses that share the same passion I have for magic. Tyler is an excellent teacher, and a great friend.

Mike Grundhauser

Over the past three years I have had to pleasure of studying under Tyler Erickson’s guidance.  When I came upon Tyler’s group classes I knew a few card and coin tricks.  I could usually be counted on to ‘do a trick or two’ at a party.  I soon progressed from the group classes to one-on-one sessions – sometimes in person and sometimes via Skype.  Over this short period of time my skills have progressed much further and much more quickly than they had in the many years (20+) I had played at doing magic before meeting Tyler.

My understanding of magic has progressed to a level that now my thoughts aren’t on the technique (although there has been plenty of progress there) but more on where I will look, when I will look, how my props are positioned on the table, whether I will engage a participant sitting to my left or my right, how to use body position and relaxation to signify that the magic moment is upon us -- and perhaps more importantly, when it is not upon us!

There is no question that today I am infinitely better at magic than I was three years ago and Tyler Erickson has been an integral part of that progress.  I used to say, “I do magic.” Now I say, “I am a magician."

Steve Cotariu

I’ve been practicing and performing magic for over fifteen years.

As a pilot for Northwest Airlines, I’ve had the opportunity to attend most of the major conventions throughout the country. I’ve heard 100s of lectures from the most accomplished magicians in the world today and I’ve been able to sit down and chat with many of these individuals.

It’s without hesitation when I say that we are very fortunate here in the state of Minnesota to have in our midst, a virtual gold mine”. Tyler Erickson is an exceptionally gifted instructor with many years of experience in the performance and development of magic. He is one the finest teachers I have had the privilege of working with in this, or any other field.

I’ve known Tyler for over a decade. I’ve watched him grow from a skilled sleight of hand performer into a master in the art of magic. Regardless of one’s place along the journey, Tyler Erickson can be a world class mentor to anyone interested in improving their art. His understanding of sleight of hand is second to none and his knowledge base is as vast as any magician I have encountered.

Tyler consistently helps me to personalize my magic and discover the right move for any given situation. He demonstrates sleights flawlessly and communicates the details and subtleties of their performance with great clarity. Tyler has an advanced understanding of misdirection, human psychology and theater. If you are looking for someone who will help you to achieve “your” goals in magic and at the same time accelerate the process dramatically, Tyler is certainly your man!

Tom Dodge