With Tyler I've learned not only the technical part of magic, but also something much more important: how to perform. He alway teaches with patience. Undoubtedly, Tyler's classes are a shortcut to better magic, plus you can see one of the greatest "palmers."

Darren (Taipei, Taiwan)

I have had the pleasure of taking many hours of both group classes and private lessons from Tyler Erickson since 1997. With Tyler as my instructor I have been able to cultivate a much deeper appreciation of the art of magic and its intricacies. He has helped me to become far more focused on my preferred types of presentation (mainly close-up) while expanding my skill level to a far greater level of expertise. Whether it’s cards, coins, cigarettes or other effects, Tyler has taught me what I consider to be top-notch close-up magic from a top notch magician.

Jeff Snethen

Tyler Erickson, within a few sentences, is able to bring you much more information and material to think about than you could think of. The words are chosen wisely, straight to the point, and will need several replays - sessions are recorded - to get the best from them.

Adding the fact that no subject seems to frighten him, you can choose to talk about many subjects during a session, then think about it for some time and come back to dig them furthermore. Along with the theoretical conception of magic, Tyler is a gifted sleight of hand artist, and see him - from exposed views - or not seeing him - from spectator view - will give you new goals and perspectives.

Believe it or not, anyone's got something to learn from Tyler, and the wise man should not let this occasion fly by. My two cents.

Aurélien Leclerc (Paris, France)

Studying with Tyler is by far the best investment I've made in my development as a magician. After a year of Skype lessons, my technical skills and performance ability have improved enormously. There's no question that most of the credit for this goes to Tyler, even if his characteristic modesty makes him loathe to accept it.

Tyler's teaching is exceptional in part thanks to its relentless focus on what it takes to be a great magical performer. Attention to technique, scripting and presentation, routining and effect construction, theory, etc., is always subordinate to this larger goal. So, with Tyler's guidance, you will put your time into what will really make you a better magician, and not, for instance, into faddish or outdated techniques.


Then there's Tyler's teaching style. Of course, he's supportive and encouraging, but he'll never blow smoke up your ass. If your false transfer has tells, he'll tell you -- and then he'll show you how to improve it. If your presentation of an effect is weaker than it could be, he'll say so -- and then he'll help you to strengthen it. Finally, as a philosophy professor, I especially appreciate the fact that Tyler encourages disagreement and discussion. He doesn't want you to be his clone, either in performance or in how you think about magic. You will have to think on your own. So, in studying with Tyler, you can expect to be challenged technically, theatrically, and intellectually, and you'll emerge from the experience a much better magician.


Jason Leddington (Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA)

The last session I had with Tyler wasn't focused on technique or staging but rather defining what I wanted out of my magic. We spent almost the entire time discussing my goals, my starting point, the tools or skill sets I currently was working with and a time frame for realizing my goals. He didn't pull any punches in describing what he has experienced or knew first hand from his friends and students. I was impressed with Tyler's business sense and how practical his approach is to the art. Whether you are looking to improve as an amateur who performs for friends, business associates and other magicians or are a working pro, Tyler can and will help you if you let him.

Tony Tuccillo

Tyler Erickson is an unassuming professional. His advice and guidance have revolutionized my magical ability. If you are reading this, welcome to discovering one of the internet's hidden gems.

Gareth Bell (Belfast, Northern Ireland)

I have been practicing magic for about a year now. For the majority of that year I was completely self-taught, and focused on nothing more than what my hands had to do. But when I started taking lessons with Tyler, my magic changed. Not only did I learn what to do with my hands, but I began to learn what to do with my whole body. Combine that with the bits of magic theory I was taught in every lesson, and my magic has made a definite change for the better. My magic not only looks better to my audience, but it feels better to perform.

Ben Mathers

Tyler has a wealth of technical expertise and presentational techniques, and tips on how best to apply them. He is a first-rate teacher, and will engage with you at the level of your own skills, to help you develop the aspects of interest to you. Don't be intimidated if you're a hobbyist / amateur, Tyler is a great guy, and puts you at ease while guiding you to learn new skills. Recommended unreservedly.

Ewen McLachlan (Scotland)

I have been studying under Tyler for a couple years now and I still learn something new every class. Because of Tyler I was able to skip much of the unnecessary bulk of magic and focus on the core elements of magic. Because of that I have been able to learn and perform many high quality tricks instead of a ton of decent tricks. Overall I have had a wonderful time studying under Tyler. I would highly recommend Tyler to anyone interested in the art of magic.

Calvin Kielas-Jensen

Before taking classes with Tyler Erickson I had only a passive interest in magic as a hobby and even had to be lightly persuaded to pursue it. After my first lesson all of that changed. My ideas about performance were questioned, every sleight of every effect was examined, and I began to truly see the potential that even a simple trick can have. With Tyler, no aspect of a routine is left unexplored; we systematically looked at everything from the reasons for the effect to happen in the first place to scripting to body language and posture to “outs” in case something went wrong.


All of the attention to detail in an effect isn't surprising if you know about Tyler's encyclopedic

knowledge of magic and sleight of hand. I'm not even slightly exaggerating when I say that I can't think of a single time when I had a question concerning a specific routine, effect, or sleight and he didn't know exactly what I was talking about, along with who originated the idea and some common variations. He'd explain what was good about each individual variation, which of them to avoid and why some were good. To top it all off he would occasionally follow the brief history lesson with his own take on the effect, which was generally an improvement on past methods. This all combines with his fantastic natural teaching ability to make lessons extremely informative but also enjoyable.

Don't go to Tyler if you expect someone to hand you the latest gimmick and show you how to use it. What you'll get from him is a real knowledge of the most fundamental and important sleights, followed by more specialized techniques if they are desired. The performance theory that he naturally builds into every lesson, when combined with the physical “moves” you'll learn, will easily produce any number of spectacular routines. However, he will oblige you with an occasional gimmicked effect if that's what you need.

Bottom line: see Tyler if you are serious about improving your performances, or if you just want to take your hobby to the next level. His professionalism and demeanor make learning from him a great experience.

Eric Itzin

Tyler Erickson doesn't teach magic tricks. He teaches the steps to an illusion, the physical mechanics, the psychology behind what makes it effective, performance, how to practice, and how to relate to an audience. He taught me an integrated process that made my performance much more effective.

Stu Popkin

I've had the fortunate opportunity to attend lectures. workshops, and classes by Tyler. I've learnt a great deal about magic, close-up in particular, from Tyler. This includes tricks, sleights, routine development, script writing, presentation, and magic theory. In addition, I've learnt many of the finer points to what makes good magic, points I would probably never have found in books and videos.

Tyler is a very good and patient instructor, as well as a highly skilled sleight-of-hand magician. The classes, with the personal attention, have been the most beneficial. I've learnt moves with cards and objects from Tyler that are highly practical. That is, they are moves that are not trick specific, but allow for trick development and improvisation. The classes have, also, been a great help in improving my script writing and presentational skills.

I would, definitely, recommend taking classes from Tyler to anyone who's serious about magic as a performer.

Rick Heinrichs

I am a 47 year old machinist for the canadian pacific railroad. I have taken magic lessons from tyler for over four years and I can truly say it has been one of the most pleasant & rewarding times of my life. Tyler doesn't just teach you how to do magic but how to do it with the class and style of a pro. He'll bring out your own creativeness that you never knew you had. It was a great time in my life, thanks Tyler.


Douglas Kirkpatrick

I never thought I could perform magic.  Tyler is an excellent and patient teacher.  After just one session I was amazing my friends with seemingly impossible card tricks.  Thanks, Tyler!

Amy Johnson

Tyler Erickson is the consummate professional. His knowledge of magic is extensive, and his experience and passion for his craft are combined with a calm and encouraging teaching style that makes for an excellent learning environment. Tyler's focus is to not only to teach magic theory, history, and the technical skills...but to unleash what is already in the student in the area of their own creativity. I've witnessed this first hand with other students and within myself. His patience and integrity reach across all ages and backgrounds and diversity in students. Magic is not about copying other magicians, it's about finding your own style, your own talent. Tyler is an excellent guide for anyone interested in this special and unique craft. Enjoy your own transformation into magic with Tyler at the helm! It will be magical!

Sandra Lehman

I really appreciate all the knowledge and techniques [Tyler] has given me. Every Thursday after class I feel completely energized and motivated (despite the work week) and it is just an amazing feeling to get home and lock myself in the work studio to practice and reflect on the new found knowledge.

Keoni Chaves

We discovered Tyler Erickson via strong recommendation from the staff at our local magic & costume shop, and we were not disappointed.  A consummate professional from the start, his communication was quick and his demeanor put our student at ease.  She had this to say: “During our first session, Tyler showed me awesome card tricks and flourishes that got me excited to learn.  When teaching me a new skill, he took the time to go through it step by step until I started to get the hang of it.  He was incredibly patient, helpful and supportive throughout the process.  He also helped me with my stage presence and gave me great tips on how to convey such precise card tricks to huge audiences.  My favorite part of working with Tyler was that he showed me amazing tricks that made me more inspired to work harder.

Rhiannon Fisk (Circus Juventas)

Tyler is a "wisdom keeper" of the classical magic. His discipline and presentations are on a top professional level.   Many tricks that I have worked with tyler to perform i have brought into the educational setting.  I feel very lucky that our paths have crossed for the last several years.  Tyler has brought joy to many family members and friends.  Just recently a good friend that saw Tyler's show at my house many years ago asked for his name and number.  I believe she invited Tyler to perform in fornt of a group and she said he was well received.  A "wisdom keeper" is one that passes on to others.  Tyler fits that role.

Doug Andrus

On the technical side Tyler is great at boiling a magic trick down to what works. He teaches me what is important, what enhances any trick and what is filler or distracts from the trick. A kind of add this, leave that out, and the magic is always better for it. This approach is one of the reasons he is such a good magician himself. He takes what works for him in magic and passes it on to me and everyone else he teaches.

But the thing that I enjoy the most about learning from Tyler is that it's just fun, plain and simple! Every time I've taken a class, a workshop or just talked magic with him, I have had the greatest time doing it. Sometimes I can feel intimidated or in over my head when it comes to learning or performing magic but Tyler always makes me feel like I belong there, like there are no stupid questions. He treats his students like he treats his audiences, like we are part of the magic. After talking with Tyler I feel excited to go out and show what I have learned and I always get a great response.

Drew Selbitschka

One of my greatest acquisitions as a student of Tyler's is that which goes beyond the tangibles of any magic trick or prop.

In other words, It's knowledge.

Tyler doesn't just teach amazing magic effects. He takes you all the way down the proverbial rabbit hole. Enlightening the way you view the world around you through theory and art of performance.

These are the skills in which I have been able to take and apply to another passion of mine. Tea.

As a practitioner of the Japanese Tea Ceremony I have been able to incorporate these principles of theory and performance into each tea presentation that I do. Thus refining the way in which I perform this 500 year old tradition.

John Brisson (3rd degree instructor: Urasenke lineage of tea)

Tyler taught me how to make my magic look like REAL magic. From Tyler's lessons and critiques, I learned the importance of making magic look magical. I now realize that a lot of ‘moves’ magicians use look like ‘moves.’ I learned to focus on being natural and ‘real’ with my handlings and presentations.

Scott Nicely

After my retirement ten years ago, I began a part-time career in magic and looked to Tyler Erickson for advice and assistance in launching my passion in magic.

As a beginning magician, Tyler has taught me a variety of magical tricks and maneuvers including the Chinese Linking Rings, rope tricks, and card tricks which enabled me to win in seven magic contests. He also taught me to develop my own style and add my own personal version to any trick I learned. This gave me confidence as a magician and was especially valuable when presenting on stage or to a close-up audience.

Today, I perform in restaurants, county fairs, schools, colleges, birthday parties, conferences, and a host of other venues thanks to the teaching of Tyler Erickson. Today, I still look to Tyler for advice and learning new magic tricks. If it’s one person that knows magic and can teach others how to perform magic, it is Tyler Erickson.

It has been a pleasure to know and learn from Tyler and I highly recommend him to any magician, beginning or experienced, that wants to advance to a higher level in magic.

Jack Stouten

I've attended Tyler's classes in the past, and I really appreciated his approach to teaching magic. Not only did I learn the little important mechanics behind an effect, but why things are done a certain way. He has a dedication to teaching solid magic that not many out there have.

Donald Hotchkiss

What can I say about a teacher who is so well-rounded? Tyler is someone who has taught me more than just techniques/sleights but a reason and usages for these techniques.  I've had the  privilege of Tyler guiding me in my journey of becoming a practitioner of magic.

Like most magicians I was on a quest of finding the "perfect pass".  Something that may or may not exist.  At that time I was not ready to learn the "classic pass" in the way  I had envisioned.  Tyler had me work on perfecting my "turnover pass" as well as teaching me the "Hermann Pass" and "Worms Eye Pass" - techniques that I had the capability of learning and perfecting.  Without me knowing these were baby steps to achieving the end result I was looking for.

Another aspect to Tyler's methodology of teaching that I found enlightening was his approach is how lay people view what a magician is presenting.  One of the first routines I  learned was the "ambitious card" routine.  With Tyler we broke down the various stages of the routine and viewed the effect in the manner in which the participant would perceive each stage of the routine.  With Tyler's guidance we brought down each stage of the effect to create the most "magical moment" for the audience.

It is always difficult to remember that your audience isn't part of the magic community and the most deceptive, newest sleight will not always wow/"trick" your audience.  Tyler has been someone who has kept me grounded in the way my audience perceives the magical fantasy I want to create in a reality-based world.

Phil Fernandez

I've been a serious hobbyist (mostly cards) for the past 30 years, and have done most of my learning from books (and more recently from DVDs).  After working with Tyler, both in person and over Skype, I immediately realized that I have been holding my breaks wrong!  Tyer's masterful demonstrations and immediate feedback on my technique helped me take my card magic to a higher level - thanks Tyler!

David Fogel

My childhood dreams to learn magic have come true since studying with Tyler for the past eighteen months.  I can perform small objects sleights and numerous card manipulations to entertain family, friends, and students. I have learned magic, showmanship and so much more.  I thoroughly respect Tyler's depth of knowledge, professional experience, and warm personality.

John Stangl

I have and I continue to recommend Tyler as an excellent magic teacher! I have taken group and private lessons with him. In group lessons, he takes the time to work with each individual to meet their specific needs. In over a year of my private lessons he not only covered effects, methods, “outs”, & presentations, he encouraged me to video the sessions. This has got to be the best “note taking.” He went beyond “tricks” to suggest keeping a notebook/journal as a log of the things I learned and/or performed. He covered scripting and the use of video to improve/review my practice. He taught me to learn to use either hand for flexibility in performing slights. He taught me to ask in order to learn from others. Many sessions were based around specifics that I requested. Additional time was spent on “natural” movements, the use of organic props ( my eyeglasses), the power of using the spectators props( their deck of cards), body positioning, and more. He also helped me to design presentations of my magic to include presentation, expectation of audience reaction, planning for specific “failures” & preparing “outs” to handle them. As the result of working with Tyler, I effectively used these tools in my management position in numerous presentations, from staff meeting to division wide presentations, at conventions representing the corporation, company picnics, and even to lighten up conferences for other organizations. I think it’s obvious that I learned a lot from Tyler, used it successfully, and greatly enjoyed the experience. I expect you will too.

Pat Johnson

The year was 2006. I was at a convention in Florida. There was a magician performing for the crowd and I was intrigued by what I saw. As I continued to watch I thought this is really cool but I could never learn magic because I am too old and I know nothing about magic. I thought for sure I could not acquire necessary skills to be able to perform.

When I got home I thought about going to a magic shop but I continued to believe that I would not be able to learn the techniques and slights any magician would need. About six months later I went to a magic shop and by happenstance the store magician/instructor Tyler Erickson was there. We chatted for a while and I decided to take a couple of lessons even though my confidence level was low.

Within those couple of lessons I learned that Tyler's teaching methods bred confidence and a desire to learn. He focuses on skills and techniques that allow students of all ages and skill levels to become more knowledgeable and aware and even create effects of their own.

Tyler is very encouraging and the learning experience is enjoyable. I now have no problem performing on an impromptu basis for friends and people I hadn't met before. Settings that I once feared now provide a great experience.

I have witnessed Tyler working with novices and experts and all gain from his teaching.

There should be nothing to hold anyone back from getting into magic. The enhancement to the magic experience is working with Tyler. I recommend Tyler to everyone with the slightest inclination to find find out what magic is all about.

Doug Epstein

Tyler was my first mentor in serious magic.  I had gotten lots of little "walk around" tricks from the magic shop, but when I started under Tyler, I really started to understand the various aspects of illusion. I was really surprised at how easy Tyler made it to not just grasp the basics but how to develop them into my own routine and fit my style of presentation.  He is not just a great magician in his own right, he is a fantastic teacher, able to direct and inspire those who study under him.  Want to learn basics? Get a book. Want to understand them and incorporate them into your style? Go to Tyler.

Dennis Carter

Tyler is walking library of magic theory. He understands every element of his art; every sleight is done with purpose and perfection.

Corey Hedgers

I first contacted Tyler Erickson to learn sleight of hand for my son. Tyler was quick to redirect my focus and attention towards the presentation and showmanship, and not the physical manipulation of cards or foam balls.

After meeting with Tyler for nearly two years, my presentation skills have far outpaced my ability to guess your card. Because his focus is on the student, and not on the magic.

I have since changed jobs into the sales industry, and use many of the skills he taught me, every day.

I highly recommend Tyler's teaching style and courses, as he will cater to your goals, and not his own.

Jerud Colbert

As a lifelong magic hobbyist, I not only learned the fundamental magic sleights from Tyler, but he helped me to understand the theory of what I was doing as well. When I learned why I was doing a certain move, I could more quickly master the actual physical handling. My favorite part was learning that you can make amazing magic at a moment’s notice with everyday objects that you can find just about anywhere. When you don’t have to rely on magic props, you can do magic anytime, anywhere. The atmosphere of the class is so relaxed and non-judgmental that even though I was a nervous beginner, I felt comfortable and confident in learning to develop my magic.

Dan Koopmans

As far as teaching goes, Mr Erickson is the most valuable resource one can have. He has given thought to even the most basic of things, and this attention to detail is what makes an effect magical. Each time I watched the recording of one of our sessions I learnt more, while the reactions of my spectactors made me believe that I was doing something right for once. I can't recommend him enough.

Mihai I. (Romania)

I've had the good fortune to have taken Tyler's group magic classes in card and small object magic for several years.  I can honestly say that the time and money I've spent in these classes has been the best money I've spent in magic.  First and foremost Tyler is both an excellent teacher and performer.  He stresses fundamentals and makes sure his students know what to do and how to do it to convincingly perform a magic effect.  Because he's an expert in magic, he knows the different ways a trick can be done, and he chooses to teach methods that are direct and deliver maximum impact.  Best of all, the skills he teaches are transferable--they can be used in one trick after another.   I love going to his classes because I learn so much and because he makes the learning fun.  If you have a chance to work with Tyler, don't pass it up.

Pete McCarthy

I have been a student of magic for over 40 years but it wasn’t until I met Tyler Erickson that I truly became a serious student.  Learning from books and videos are all well and good, but there is something to be said for learning from a Master.  He provides one-on-one, hands-on teaching techniques that play to all ages and skill levels.  His passion for magic and magic theory helps create an atmosphere that promotes a devoted student following.

Jennifer Graham

Tyler is a ridiculously amazing talent and phenomenal teacher. He has been an important role model for me and has brought out the best in my abilities. His personal guidance and instruction are truly a better investment than any book or video. Highly recommended!!

John “JmaC” McCarten

Since starting classes with Tyler, I have progressed way beyond my wildest dreams. I especially appreciate the fact that he doesn't force feed tricks, but rather helps me find my own interests and then works with me to hone those to a performance level.

Mark Johnson

Tyler Erickson’s approach to teaching magic is refreshing. His exercises are very useful, because they incorporate all the elements of a good effect: technique, presentation, theory, and psychology. I would strongly recommend his classes.

Paul Chimzar

Tyler unquestionably grasps both the intricate connection between Spectator & Magician and the framework behind creating/performing an effect or routine. Tyler’s many teaching objectives include creating effects from basic principles with anything while performing anywhere, which leads to a sense of impossibility. After taking several courses from Tyler, I now think about performing Magic to create this sensation rather than following steps to fool someone for a second or two. Because of Tyler’s gift for challenging his students to think about scenarios, asking “Why” instead of “How”, I’ve been able to leave people speechless.

Matt Worzecha

Tyler does not just teach the "big secrets" of magic but teaches all the touches, timing and strategy that will make your effects look wonderful. Every time I have taken a class a class from Tyler, I have come away with practical real world information that lifts all my magic to a new level.The Drills Tyler's has taught me has improved all my slights and effects. Even though I have a large and well read library of magic books, Tyler has giving me advice that has improved my timing, misdirection (direction), audience management and other real world information that is missing from 99% of all magic literature.

David Hansen

Tyler Erickson is an amazing teacher of sleight of hand magic, who will show you things about your performance that you would never think imaginable. The key word here is "detail". In depth. I found the classes I took more than worth my while. A person who really cares about the execution and performance of magic. Takes your skills and refines them like a master blacksmith would with a sword. You will be more crisp, after only one lesson. Don't miss this great opportunity to learn from one of the greatest minds in magic today.

Andrew Ranallo

I started learning magic about 15 years ago at the age of 23. I had no mentors or friends who were interested in magic at the time so I taught myself through study of books and videos. I studied and practiced and worked with new magic friends in an effort to perfect my technique. Along came Tyler.

Tyler told me that he was giving lessons and asked if I was interested. I thought that my 15 years had given me enough experience that I didn’t really need lessons. However, I had never had personal training before and I saw how talented Tyler was so I thought why not give it a shot. The lessons were very personalized to what I wanted to learn. We had several discussions before starting and through the next several weeks, Tyler taught me exactly what I wanted to know. It was information that I was not able to get through books or videos and the feedback from him was invaluable. The fact that he allowed me to video tape our sessions for later review was also a great addition. His style and ability to teach were wonderful and I learned more than I had hoped to. However, the thing that impressed me most was his attention to detail. Every nuance for every move and angle was covered. It was definitely money well spent and I highly recommend Tyler as a teacher for whatever kind of magic you are interested in.

Scott Franz

My first teachers in magic were books. Other than the annual Copperfield special, the only access to magic I had was books. But boy did I read! Everything the public library had of course, but then later there were bus trips downtown to pester Larry at Eagle Magic. I had the good luck to stumble onto Tamariz and Burger early, I poured through classic books like Stars of Magic and new classics like Carneycopia.

By the time I reached college, I used and abused the libraries interlibrary loan system to access anything and everything I could find: Vernon, Minch, Elmsley, Takagi, Miller, MORE Tamariz! Videos were too expensive and I had no money for props, so out of necessity I developed a love for sleight of hand and mentalism. By the time I graduated, I thought I “knew” magic. The pass? The Palm? Double Lift? Sure.

Then I met Tyler. He didn’t show me his pass. Or his Double Lift. Because there was nothing to see. There were no moves or sleights, everything simply looked like magic. All the sleights and routines I thought I “understood” suddenly came to life. He has an infinite capacity for examining routines, sleights, and theories, taking them apart, and putting them back together in ways that alter the way the way you see magic. Books, videos, downloads, etc. are all amazing resources, and shouldn’t be ignored. Tyler would be the first to tell you to READ everything you can find.

But if you really want to take your magic up to the next step, you’re going to need some guidance.

I took my first lesson with Tyler something like 15 years ago, and I can still hear his early guidance today. Are you serious about magic? Then read everything you can. Practice as much as you can. Perform whenever you can. And sign up for a lesson with Tyler today.

Matt Youngbauer

I had the honor of meeting Tyler back when I was in college, (many many years ago) and he scared the hell out of me! I mean this in the best way possible, of course. He performed some card routine, I can't remember which one, that had such an affect on me, that even though I don't remember the specifics of the trick, I still remember that feeling of excitement and awe.

That's what Tyler does. The man is a master at creating emotions and impressions through his magic. These impressions can last for years... or in my case, over ten. He exudes a refined calm and elegance when he performs, as if he's taking the spectator on a journey. His movements are deliberate and never faster than they need to be. Too often, I see magicians moving jerkily about, covering up something that we were not intended to see. But not Tyler. There are no moves, just magic.

If Tyler would perform only one routine for the rest of his life, be assured it would be the finest and most mind blowing effect you've ever seen. But his knowledge goes far beyond one effect. In fact, it goes far beyond that of most magicians that I've met. He is a wealth of magical knowledge; from history to psychology, and from technique to performance, he seems to know it all. You would never find a finer teacher of magic.

That being said, a few years after our initial meeting, he took me under his wing and began teaching me. I was enamored and honored. I learned so much in my short time with him, and while the work was difficult, he always made it easy to understand. It was never in the teaching, but in the practicing that I found it difficult. I always wished I had practiced more!

So now, years down the road, I am out of college, married and living a good and happy life. But magic is still a big part of it. Over the years I've traveled abroad to perform, and I've even had the privilege to become a member of the Magic Castle in Hollywood. These are things I don't think I would have achieved were it not for the support and friendship of Tyler. Although we now live thousands of miles apart, I know that when I go to visit, I'll find an open door and fantastic teacher waiting for me. Thank you, Tyler, for everything.

Gary Laib

What sets Tyler apart is that in addition to being an amazing magician, he is also an adept instructor. He knows how to zero in on each student's struggles and strengths. This lets him not only fix struggles before they become a problem but also allows Tyler to develop each student into a unique magician by teaching the student how to harness their strengths.

For example, Tyler saw a knack in me for writing silly science-related stories to use as patter during my tricks. This let me put new life in simple and common tricks, letting me entertain (and trick!) friends and family even as a strict amateur. I would, and have, recommended Tyler to any person looking to learn a bit of sleight-of-hand.

Jeremy Chacon