Tyler Erickson is a quite exceptional magician and a gifted teacher. One would be very fortunate to study with him.

Eugene Burger (World Famous Performer/Teacher of Magic)

Tyler Erickson is an immensely-talented individual with a diverse background in sleight-of-hand technique, theory, magic history and instruction.

His technical skills are of the highest caliber. His teaching skills are evident in that his advanced students are among the best magicians in the Twin Cities area.

He's also a really great guy with which to work. I myself have learned a lot from Tyler and frequently use him as a valued resource.

I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Geoff Williams (Comedy Magician)

... a  master of the craft in action... I truly was inspired watching this gentlemen and highly recommend you do everything you can do see him work.

John Carey (Star of Multiple DVDs including Handle with Carey)

A truly insightful thinker and brilliant technician. I can’t say enough about Tyler Erickson.


John B. Born (Author of Cheating at Texas Hold’em)

I have turned to Tyler over and over; he has been a dependable source of information and inspiration.

Garrett Thomas (Consultant for David Blaine, Creator of The Ring Thing)

Rarely do I meet a magic teacher with the technical skills that Tyler possess. His comprehensive knowledge of the history of magic and his ability to perform and teach are astonishing.

Jeff McBride (Creator of the Magic and Mystery School)

...What sets [Tyler] apart as an outstanding coach is his wide range of skills in magic, sleight of hand, methodology, construction and design of great magic. I was  very impressed with his approach to teaching the fundamentals in general magic.

Michael Vincent (As seen on Penn&Teller’s “Fool Us”)

Tyler Erickson understands the difference between stringing routines together into an act and weaving them together into a show.”

Derek Hughes (Cover Story Magic Magazine 9/2012)

They say that those who can do and those who can't teach, but with Tyler we have one of those rare people who can "do" and is also willing to invest his time in teaching others. Tyler's thinking demonstrates the genius required to structure and simplify learning in a world that requires more and more personalized education. We all need his help to make magic an art form that garners the attention it richly deserves.

Kainoa Harbottle (World Famous Coin Magician)

I have been involved in magic professionally for over 30 years...I grew up around Larry Jennings, Bruce Cervon, Max Maven, Johnny Thompson, John Carney and of course the "Professor" Dai Vernon...I find Tyler Erickson to be in the class of these magi in his dedication, knowledge of performance, history and technique in the fine art of magic.

His thorough understanding of all the ins and outs of what goes into performance of a magical routine rivals my mentor Earl Nelson. Plus the fact that he is genuinely one of nicest men I have ever met with no ego or self congratulations makes him unique in our field. I cannot recommend Tyler highly enough.

George Tovar (Magician and Actor: Shade, Dexter, Triple Expresso)

Tyler Erickson is one of the most proficient and skilled close-up magicians I know. His intense study of sleight of hand techniques, magic theory, and misdirection have made him a superb magician as well as teacher of magic. He has created numerous original magic methods and applications that have fooled many fellow magicians. Either learn from him or be prepared to be fooled by him.

Raj Madhok, MD (Creator of effects published in MAGIC, Apocalypse, Magick,Vibrations, Syzygy, and The Trap Door)

There are very few magicians in the world that have a great working knowledge of Technique, Theory, and Presentation. Most are well versed in only one, Tyler is well versed in all three! Tyler’s teachings aren’t just for beginners, his insight and input into magic can improve even working professionals who are looking to polish and refine their existing show, or who are creating a show from the ground up.

Jonathon Bryce

Tyler represents a rare combination in the world of magic: an insightful thinker, and a talented and experienced practitioner.  He has achieved an encyclopedic knowledge of magic principles and methodology, a wide-ranging and thoughtful grasp of performance theory, and an incredible mastery of sleight of hand technique.  His ideas on magic are informed by both a massive amount of study and thought, and decades of real-world performing experience. On a number of occasions, I have personally seen him take mediocre magicians who were barely capable of properly executing a packet trick while reciting the patter that came with the instructions, and help them grow into deceptive, entertaining, and original performers, with their own personal style and performing character. Whenever I meet a magician who is seeking an instructor to consult with, I recommend Tyler's services, no questions asked.

Sean Phillips

Tyler's teaching method brings the best out of his students. He breaks down the magic so that each effect is thoroughly taught with attention to the important details that will make the magic more powerful. If you want to be a step above the rest, study with Tyler.

Norm Barnhart